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In the United States, lost and stolen shipments are rising and sadly affecting consumer confidence. More than 1.7 million shipments are lost or stolen every day in the United States.

   According to C+R Research, 43% of American consumers surveyed said they had an ecommerce delivery stolen in 2020. A 40% increase from the year prior. Other studies show 49 million Americans have had at least one package stolen in the past 12 months.

   According to research, $25 million in lost shipments are happening in the United States every day. Then there’s the cost of refunds and replacement for damaged, lost or stolen shipments. For your customer service team, this translates into real-time and real-dollars dealing with these issues. And finally, even though shipping is outside your control, customer satisfaction and likelihood to shop again are impacted.

   ShipInsure is 100% free to use for merchants so why wouldn't you use it? From just 98 cents per order, your customers can get shipping protection when they encounter issues with lost, stolen or damaged shipments up to $1,000. Our team handles the claim entirely. Your customer will simply need to share basic evidence of their issue and in most cases provide an instant resolution. We have a 97% claims approval and you can be rest assured that your customers are in good hands.